Hot Pocket“There’s no law that says you can’t eat and blog at the same time.”

This mantra is written on the cardboard shell of one of the Mexican Taco Hot Pockets I just nuked for lunch.  No, I didn’t make that up – see pic at right for proof.

It struck me as amusing at first, but then it made me think.

I give classes and seminars to nonprofits about social media on a fairly regular basis.  And, on a fairly regular basis, the most frequent question I hear is “when are we supposed to make time to do social media?”  That’s what people say.  What I hear is “we aren’t convinced social media is worth our time.”

Think about it.  Yes, nonprofits are busy.  Super-busy in most cases, with little breathing room.  We manage, however, to make time for new programs and other activities that we have deemed to be important and mission-critical.  If social media makes your list of important and mission-critical, you’ll make time for it.  Even if that means blogging while eating (as I am doing at this very moment).

Along these lines, here’s an article with some tips on making time for social media: