Who’s that new person answering the phones at the Bayer Center…?

Shelby GraceyThat’s Shelby Gracey, our new Office Coordinator!

Shelby started working for the Bayer Center just this month and we are tickled to have her with us.  She came to us from Keystone Oaks School District, where she served as the Technical Facilitator, or as she puts it “the tech person.”  Shelby has an A.S. in medical administration assisting, but has spent very little time in the medical field and more time working with other types of nonprofits.

One of those nonprofits just happens to be the Sunset Hill United Presbyterian Church, where her husband is the minister.  Shelby serves as the congregation’s Director of Music, which includes coordinating and performing music for church services, directing a 28- member adult choir, teaching music for the Youth Club, and assisting with the bell choir.

These two jobs keep her pretty busy, but in her spare time she likes to spend time with her husband and children (two left in high school and one away at college) and play with her dogs (three beagles and a cockapoo).  In addition, she loves to read and considers dining out a form of entertainment since it gets her out of the kitchen.

Shelby is a Florida native, having moved to Pittsburgh’s South Hills around 20 years ago.  She said everyone likes to ask “how could you possibly leave Florida?” but she adores Pennsylvania – including the snowy weather.

Please join us in welcoming Shelby to the Bayer Center family!!