Cindy's CatsAnyone who knows me, knows that I adore two things above all:  nonprofit technology and my seven cats.  What you may not know about me is…

“Everything I Need to Know about Nonprofit Technology Management I Learned from My Cats”

  1. Sometimes unexpected things happen, nobody knows why, and nobody claims responsibility.
  2. Flexibility is one of the best traits to have.
  3. Clawing your vendors’ or staff’s eyes out will get you nowhere.
  4. When it’s working well, you won’t notice it’s there.
  5. Servers purr when they are happy.
  6. Regular check-ups can help you avoid larger bills later on.
  7. If the room is too hot, things may flop over on their side and refuse to budge.
  8. Getting it wet is disastrous and you will pay dearly for doing so.
  9. When it makes a loud or weird noise, you should pay attention.
  10. A little bit of care and feeding go a long way.