I am going to boast for my colleagues.  They are modest.  I am not.  A little less than two weeks ago, they pulled off an incredible feat: they invoked a feeling of warmth between me and technology.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like technology quite a bit.   Unfortunately, technology doesn’t like me.  See, I believe my technological challenges are a direct result of an electro-magnetic field that surrounds me.  Anything electronic that enters this field is promptly rendered inoperable.  Any Dell, Apple, or Verizon Wireless technician will verify this. (Ask them about it. They know me by name). 

 Therefore, anyone who can simplify technology = instant super hero.  Jeff and Cindy, you are my super heroes!  As usual TechNow was a smash! Thanks for providing a forum for accidental techies.  Thanks for making technology fun, interesting and (perhaps most important) uncomplicated.  Thanks for amassing top-notch presenters, participants, and exhibitors. And, lastly, thank you for unabashed musical renditions from the Sound of Music. 

Jeff, Cindy, and all TechNovians, here’s to you!