When my husband Brad and I got married 7 years ago, we decided to make it priority to squirrel money away every year and make sure that our 2 weeks’ vacation is used for exactly that – vacation.  Each year since then, those two weeks have consisted of:


1.  A week long road trip teemed with sleeping in unusually shaped hotel rooms, seeing “the world’s largest” something, and taking pictures of our stuffed alligator Terrence with as many national landmarks as possible.

2.  Going to Disney World.
Brad and I are complete nerds for Disney World.  We ride the rides, get our pictures taken with characters – the whole nine yards.  As a matter of fact, you can ask me on any given day how many days until Disney World (today – 64) and I will be able to tell you.  In January of this year, we decided on a whim to drive down and camp in the Disney campgrounds so we could take advantage of their “get in free on your birthday” offer.  Curious to find out if they were doing that again this year, I did an internet search for “free Disney World ticket 2010” and found something pretty great.

In 2010, instead of offering free tickets to folks on their birthday, Disney World has decided to offer 1 million free tickets to anyone over the age of 6 who performs one full day of volunteer service for a nonprofit.  By partnering with the Hands On Network (which helps potential volunteers find volunteer projects and programs that align their passions within their community), Disney is making it possible for nonprofits to pay back their volunteers with something tangible – and your organization can participate!

Aside from the fact that this program gives nonprofits the opportunity to give their volunteers a tangible thank you gift that they may have never been able to afford, it also will encourage a whole new group of individuals and families who may have never done volunteer work before to serve in their community.   While we hope that people would choose to serve out of the goodness of their hearts, a free ticket to Disneyworld might be just the push some people need to open their eyes to the importance of volunteerism for the first time.   Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to recruit new volunteers!   Visit the Hands On Network’s “Give a Day, Get a Day” page to become involved.
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