We all have bad days.  It’s one of the universally uniting attributes of the human race.   We all take a turn.  And today it was mine.  Here is the story of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It got off to a good start: a beautiful morning, an early (EARLY) work-out, a quick shower and leisurely breakfast, and out the door for the Bennett Family Carpool.  As we are heading into the city, I look down at my feet and gasp in horror.  This is what I see:0715090814

Two different shoes.  I mean, completely different.  One is black, one is brown.  One is a flat, one is a wedge.  Granted, I have a lot of my mind with an impending wedding – but, really!?  I can do nothing but laugh, hysterically, for a really long time.  Then I begin the debate, “which would look less ridiculous? My running shoes (which are stashed in the trunk of my car)? Or mismatched sandals?”  The running shoes win.

As we approach the city, we are confronted by an inconceivable volume of traffic.  My dad, though I love him quite dearly, is not a patient man.  He embarks on one of his infamous “shortcuts.”  That tactic lands us in the heart of downtown-morning-rush-hour traffic.  This is when we notice smoke coming from under the hood.  “I told you I smelled anti-freeze!” he said.   Suddenly every alley is a DO NOT ENTER, ONE WAY and seemingly everyone in front of us is trying to make a left-hand turn.  It takes forever to find my beloved Honda a resting spot.  Turns out, there is a hole in the radiator.  That’s a problem!

As I am walking to my office, thinking that it can’t get much worse, I feel something hit my head.  Not a hard something, but a soft something… something like… bird poop?  Yes, a bird, with incredible aim, pooped on my head and down the front of my clothing.  I tried desperately to avoid gagging as I walked into my building, greeted the guards, and smiled sheepishly at my elevator-mates.  The bathroom on the 26th floor couldn’t save me quickly enough!   And it’s not even 9:00 in the morning.

But we can sympathize, commiserate and even laugh, because we have all been there!  Maybe not mismatched shoes, hole in the radiator, bird poop on the head, but everyone has a few good horror stories to share.