My colleague Jeff Forster and I teach a number of day-long technology classes in the summer months that we call “camps.”  Not that tech classes at the Bayer Center aren’t always fun :P, but we especially try to promote a casual, summer fun feeling during these classes.

To this end, Jeff (a former camp counselor) wrote a pretty funny summer camp song for our classes.  Our marketing manager didn’t think it would fit the style of our course catalog, so the song was nixed.

In the process of writing an article about these summer tech camps in my TechNotes e-newsletter yesterday, I recalled the camp song.  I ran the videocam while Jeff sang and I thought you all might enjoy this:

(He may not dance like Britney Spears, but I have no doubt he’s got a really great voice when he’s not goofing around.)

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If you cannot see the YouTube video above – watch it here.