My father, my brother and I spent a lot of evenings when I was in high school driving from park to park looking for a pickup basketball game.  Dad kept a map in his head of all of the places where people gathered to play, and we would go from one to the other until we found a critical mass to join and play.  Although many will tell you that the joy is in the journey, the joy really was in finding some competition.

Turns out that when I go out to look for a hoop game to join with my boys, we  may not need to drive so many places.  The wizardsPickupaloozashirtatdeeplocal have created pickupalooza, a site that allows would-be pickup soccer players, ultimate frisbee players and even Carrie Richards and her kickball player friends to find each other and set up games.

The efficiency of this solution appeals to me.  Also, as deeplocal’s CEO Nathan Martin (a speaker at our 2006 TechNow conference) told the Post-Gazette, online pickup game connections are “a fun way to meet people outside of your social network, which is someteimes a challenge here in Pittsburgh”.