Alarm_Clock1I am what you might call a fitness freak. I hit the gym at 5:30 in the morning. I do squats during commercial breaks. I run… a lot. I even eat granola. So perhaps the advent of employee wellness programs (such as the one offered here at RMU) excite me more than they do most people. However, there are an abundance of reasons of why we should all get (a little) enthused about wellness programs.

  1. Decreased Health Care Costs: They have proven effective in reducing health care costs.
  2. Work Place Morale: Healthy employees are happy employees.
  3. Reduced Absenteeism: Education, training and professional health care provided by a Wellness Program can greatly reduce absenteeism. And reduced absenteeism translates to a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity.
  4. Reduced Overall Costs: Naturally morale + productivity + health cost savings – sick leave = cost savings.
  5. Increased Productivity: It has been proven that healthy people have better concentration, energy and output levels.
  6. Increased Responsibility: A well taken care of employee feels an affiliation with the company; hence, they develop a level of responsibility associated with their work.
  7. Increased Company Loyalty: Company loyalty (often stimulated by Employee Wellness Programs) means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover.
  8. Decreased Health Insurance Costs: Wellness Programs have proven to be a welcome antidote for soaring health care premiums. Health costs for those companies using Employee Wellness Programs are significantly reduced.

Fitness freak or not…