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Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.
~Author Unknown

The kindness of others never ceases to amaze me – particularly during difficult times. Last night, while I performed my nightly ritual of bonding with Brian Williams, a news story reminded me about the power of generosity.

Over the last few months, we’ve been inundated with stories of personal hardships. We hear a lot about the mortgage crisis, the credit crunch, the soaring unemployment rate – but are we ignoring the losses of life’s simpler pleasures? For instance, what about the students who have waited years for the prom? Have we forgotten about a dream that is now out-of-reach for many students?
Well, not in a small town in Connecticut where a high school assistant principal recognized the prohibitive cost of prom. With the help of three teachers, they transformed the Spanish room into an upscale boutique, complete with donated evening wear, accessories, and shower curtained dressing rooms.

For the pre-owned and donated dresses, girls paid what they could afford. In some cases, this amounted to $20 – in other cases, it was free. Any proceeds were used to supplement the purchase of additional accessories. And the generosity didn’t stop there. Local vendors, such as dry cleaners, nail and hair salons also donated their services.

One small town pulled together – demonstrated absolute generosity and kindness – to ensure that their high school students have a night to remember. Pretty incredible.

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