Solutions to March 24th Crossword Puzzle:

3. HHR (Healthy Home Resources)
5. Union Project
7. Family Services
8. Easter Seals
9. Pittsburgh Project
11. Gwens Girls

1. Animal Friends
2. 3RC
4. Carnegie Libraries
6. Venture Outdoors
10. Phipps Conservatory

After posting the aforementioned crossword, this conversation transpired between my dad (a fellow nonprofit-er who works at 8 across) and myself:
Me: “How did you do on that puzzle?”
Him: “There are thousands of organizations in the region!  I only knew one answer.”
Me: “True, but think how lackluster our community and lives would be without all of them?”

Take 1 down, for instance.  This organization has really brightened my life.  Two years ago, I decided I needed a furry, four-legged companion.   Being a nonprofit-minded resident, I immediately thought of Animal Friends.  So I went to their gorgeous facility and carefully pursued each crate.  Eventually I stumbled across a tiny grey cat who was missing a lot of fur, a bit of meat, and a tail.  My eyes welled over and I knew he was “the one.”

rocky1Rocky (a fitting name) had been hit by a car and left on side of the road to die.  A kind soul discovered him and brought him to Animal Friends.  Many veterinarians might have euthanized him in order to end his suffering – after all, he was a maggot-infested cat with a broken pelvis and a gangrened tail.  Instead, a volunteer vet worked tirelessly to save his life and restore him to health.  For that vet and this organization, I am eternally indebted.   Rocky is a wonderful, loving addition to my life.  No thank you card, no words, no pictures can capture my gratitude for this organization.  Rocky is evidence that the thousands of nonprofits in this region make our lives brighter and better.