In the current hardships of the economy, one of the main concerns for the community and our nonprofits is finding ways to save! Nonprofit organizations are becoming extremely careful of their spending habits today, even more than in the past. In an article called “Ways Nonprofits Can Save” written by the Nonprofitexperts at, they discuss 26 different ways that nonprofits can save.  I have highlighted just a few of their suggestions below that can easily be implemented by anyone and everyone in the nonprofit sector:


  • Shop at chain stores such as Staples and Office Depot for office supplies; approach the local store manager about possible office supply donations.
  • Save on utilities costs by placing water saving units in the restrooms (our building, the Regional Enterprise Tower, is in the process of making these changes).
  • If you need to do bulk mailing, get a nonprofit bulk postage permit.
  • Beware of in-house printing – calculate the cost of staff time, repair costs to the copy machine and supply costs versus the cost of a local print shop.
  • When planning a major purchase or contracting services, it is best to get three bids before making a decision.
  • Calculate the full cost of buying a service or product.. READ THE FINE PRINT!
  • Ask for discounts for everything!
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Buy at the right time of the year.
  • Join other group-purchasing programs for equipment, supplies or services.

There is also a nonprofit organization that donates valuable and new merchandise from American corporations (donors) and redistributes this merchandise to its members – nonprofit organizations, churches and schools.  This organization is the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR), founded in 1977. (NOTE: The Bayer Center is not endorsing NAEIR services.  We have not used them and do not know the quality of their services.)

If anyone has any other suggestions of ways that we all can save, please let us know by posting a comment!