Recently, our office has been informed that the building that we are residing in, the Regional Enterprise Tower, is making efforts to become more environmentally friendly. The Oxford Development Company is making building improvements on the lighting system, temperature control, restroom facilities and energy conservation.

This project will feature energy conservation in the following ways:

• A complete lighting system retrofit to upgrade all lighting in the building to environmentally-friendly CFL and LED lighting
• Installation of water conserving fixtures that will save millions of gallons of water each year
• Improvements to the building envelope and window seals that will enhance comfort and save electricity
• Upgrading the building automation system to maximize energy conservation and improve heating and cooling system performance
• Installation of the first rooftop solar panels in our downtown in order to generate clean, sustainable power from the sun’s energy for years to come.

As I was reading the notice, I started thinking about other ways that I can contribute to being green. I came across a website for Erzen Green Cleaning located in Pittsburgh. They provide green cleaning solutions to hospitals, schools and office buildings in the Pittsburgh area. I liked their site because it gave you answers to the effects that green cleaners have on the environment. If you are interested in finding out more about green cleaners for the office or home check out their website,  (NOTE: The Bayer Center is not endorsing Erzen Green Cleaning as a service. We have not used them and do not know the quality of their work.)

Anyone else have suggestions on other green cleaners to use for everyday clean ups?